Inspired by design, architecture and contemporary art, pagil blaja creates fashion jewelry collections by playing around with colors, geometrical shapes and original materials. The brand explores the traditional know-how of lacquer to create modern and minimalistic designs. The shininess of the lacquer meets with the irregular texture of the gold leaf or the jasper horn to offer unique and atypical accessories.



At Pagil Blaja, colors are at the center of the creation.

We put a lot of care each season to create vibrant and trendy color ranges.

Lacquer enhances colors by giving them this unique shine and depth specific to this material and technique.​

Put a touch of color in your outfit with Pagil Blaja jewelry !



There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to lacquer. An ancient Asian technique, using organic plant based lacquer that is used as a coating to wooden art in the ancient far east. Pagil Blaja has tapped into this technique as well as jewelry making know how to collaborate in making modern pieces of fashion jewelry. ​

Blocks of wood are hand carved by the artisan according to the design. Multiple thin layers of lacquer are applied in the course of several weeks before the final finishing is attained, giving the elements of the jewelry the luxurious sheen and texture that you see. Other embellishments such as 24 carat gold leaves and pigments are added in to the making and offers the uniqueness of the finishing.

More than 15 layers of lacquer and 2 month of work is needed to fully completed one piece of jewellery.



The gold leaf used in the manufacture of our products is genuine 24K gold leaf. We work with a French supplier ensuring constant and reliable quality.


The brand is committed to an ethical and fair trade approach from beginning to the end of the production line.

The jewels are designed in our French office, and made by a small family run workshop in Vietnam owning unique expertise and perpetuating the tradition of lacquer for generations. The craftsmen and women are remunerated at a fair and equitable price participating in the local economic development as well as sustaining this ancestral craftsmanship.




After studying fashion design at the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Paris (ENSAAMA), Julie Thibout began working for 2 years for a renowned Parisian workshop working for Haute Couture.

Then she went to live in Asia for 5 years where she develops the lacquered wood and horn jewelry collections for the brand Hermès. She right away falls in love with this rare and unique ancestral technique.

Back in Paris in 2016, she decides to revisit this know-how to create her own jewelry collections.

The brand is born from the contraction of the two names of her parents PAtrice GILles BLAndine JeAnne.