AURA bracelet - Flamingo pink

Tubular bangle.
Width 0,8 cm. Inside diameter : 6,3 cm.
Delivered in its fabric pouch.
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  • Ivory
  • Flamingo pink
  • Khaki
  • Apricot
  • Blue Sky
  • Navy blue
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Lacquered wood and 24k gold leaves.
Made by high skilled artisans in Vietnam,
la tradition de la laque et dans une démarche éthique.participating to preserve the tradition of lacquer pass down from one generation to another.
More than 20 layers of lacquer and 2 month of work is needed to fully complete
one piece of jewelry.

Product Care

Lacquer jewelry is fragile, but with special care,
can have a nice long life. To take care of your Pagil Blaja jewelry, it is best to:

– Store your pieces in the fabric pouch provided and separately from other jewelry
that may scratch or mark the surface.

– Wear your bracelets alone or minimize the impact with other
lacquer or metal bracelets.

– Avoid any strong shocks or drops as it may damage the lacquer; Be careful when
taking them on and off, especially over hard floors like concrete and tile.

– It is best to avoid contact with water. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.

– When traveling, wrap each piece separately in their pouch,
and if possible, wear them on you.

– If your jewelry becomes slightly dirty (from handling or makeup), it is easy to
clean. Gently wipe with a soft piece of cloth. Do not use any cleaner or
chemical solvents.